Smell Trimmer (Powder)

Smell Trimmer is used for removing a lot of bad smells such as odors in shoes, garbage cans and discarded diapers.

Usage environment> Shoe odor is quickly and powerfully maintained for long periods of time.

> Even if it touches the skin of a child or a person with sensitive skin, it was confirmed that it was not stimulated by a third-party patch test and a puncture test (sensitive skin irritation test) to confirm safety.

> All sports shoes that sweated in sports, spikes used in club activities, school shoes for children, marathon shoes, leather shoes worn for a day in business, long boots, ski boots, snowboard boots, kendo irons, Boxing gloves, gloves ideal for work.

> Before starting sports or commuting, the anti-slip effect allows the shoes to be sprinkled inwards, increasing the fit between the feet and shoes.

> Before rolling the diaper, sprinkle the excrement with the smell trimmer to reduce the odor of the garbage.

> Before putting in the garbage, sprinkle the smell trimmer on the garbage bag or garbage bucket and remove the odor from the garbage with the deodorizing effect.
Product typeWhite powder (neutrality, nonhazardous material)
Drying methodNon
How to useSprinkle powder on odor sources.
Quantity consumedShoes inside: 1-1.5g / shoe
Garbage can (40L): 5-10g
Used diapers: 2-5g,
Appearance after dryWhite powder condition
Application> Work shoes, Boots

> Garbage can

> Garbage collection point floor

> Used diapers

> Car floor
Attention> Be careful that powder will get in your eyes when used
Bottle label
Bottle type

  1. Odor eliminating effect
  2. Anti-bacterial effect in a shoe
    Anti-bacterial effect
  3. Safety
    If you use it in shoes, it will come in contact with the socks, but there is a risk of contact with the skin of the foot from the stitches of the socks.The smell trimmer has been tested for non-irritation by conducting a patch test (skin contact test) and a stinging test (sensitive skin irritation test).

    In order to ensure that the user uses the product as safely as possible, we conduct various tests by a third party to confirm that there is no problem in use.

    (1) Skin contact safety test (patch test of 22 women)

    (2)Stinging test (sensitive skin irritation test)
    Comparison of irritation with 5% lactic acid.
    Irritant score (average of 3 data)

    1 point:  Never feel anything at all.

    2 points: Feel something slightly.

    3 points: Feel slight irritation

    4 points: Feel strong stimulation.

    5 points: Feel unbearable stimulation on my cheeks.

  4. Usage method