PIPI Clenaer

Product detail web site is from here https://pipi.marusyosangyo.com/

PIPI cleaner was developed to simplify cleaning of men’s toilet in convenience store for ammonia smell.

It removes the ammonia smell of the seeped soaked in the floor and carpet.

Character> Can remove for urine and old ammonia smell.
> After deodorization, the smell of ammonia will never return.
Apparent conditionClear
Fluid typeWater based
Drying methodNatural dry
How to useHand spray
Quantity consumedHand spray (0.7cc) 5-10 times / 1m2
Appearance after dryTransparency - white
AttentionThe coated surface may turn white. Please wipe it off and remove it.
Bottle label
Bottle type
500ml Spray1L4L20L