MV-8 (Photocatalyst)

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MV-8 is a new type photocatalyst coating fluid. MV-8 has higher decomposition effect and gas absorption effect than the previous visible reaction type photocatalyst material.

Character> High photocatalysis effect
> Can use low-light intensity more than other M-Clean series.
> Absorbed several gas substance
> High antibacterial effect
> Can be used several materials surface
> Promote formation of inorganic film
(Do not use any organic substance)
> No need any basecoat (single application)
Fluid typeWater based fluid (not DG)
Main componentTiO2 and SiO2
Dry temperatureAt normal temperature
Dry out timeOver 24 hours
Application methodSpray gun, Roller, Brush, etc
Spread quantities15 - 50 g / 1 m2 (large of the amount used is high effect)
Appearance of dry outA little white surface
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