MV-6 (Photocatalyst)

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MV-6 is a new type photocatalyst coating fluid for indoor. The photocatalyst performance is 3 ~5 times higher than the normal photocatalyst coating fluid. Suitable for general indoor rooms.

Character> High photocatalysis effect
> Can use low-light intensity more than other M-Clean series.
> Eliminate odor in the room.
> Antiviral effect
> Available for various materials surface.
> No degradation.
(Does not use any organic substance)
> No need basecoat (single application)
AppearanceOpaque White
Fluid typeWater based fluid (not DG)
Main componentTiO2 and SiO2
Dry temperatureAt room temperature
Dry out timeOver 24 hours
Application methodSpray gun, Roller, Brush, etc
Spread quantities15 - 50 g / 1 m2 (large of the amount used is high effect)
Appearance of dry outOpaque (depends on the surface material)
Bottle label
Bottle type

2. Decomposed effect in a room

(1) Fluorescent lump test

(2) Vertical wall surface condition

Decomposed effect by methylthionine chloride

3. Decompose effective test on clothes (indoor room under 1300 lux by fluorescent)  

(1)Photograph and graph

Left: MO-1, Right: MV-6

(2) Comparative figure of decomposed chromaticity

NameChromaticityChromaticity of after 6 daysChromaticity differentialdecomposition ratecomparative activity
Other mfr UV type326339134.26%4.26%
M-Clean MO-13353895417.70%17.70%
M-Clean MV-6318623305100.00%100.00%
Note:MV-6 is about 5.6 times of decomposed activational effect more than MO-1.

4. Gas decomposed effect

4-1. Data of decomposed acetaldehyde gas

(1) Using lamp: Mercury lamp (Include UV ray)

 (2) Using lamp: Mercury lamp (Exclude UV ray)

Note: M-1V STV and M-1V STV is used former visible reaction type of photocatalyst. MV-6 of photocatalyst particle is used new type of visible reaction type of photocatalyst.

5. Application method

It applies MV-6 by spray gun or roller method.

Wall surface: Spray gun, Ceiling: roller