MV-11 (Photocatalyst)

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MV-11 is a photocatalyst coating fluid that has high decomposition effect. It is reacted under the visible light. MV-11 should be used Basecoat S together otherwise it will decompose the coating surface directly.

Character> High decomposition performance
> High transparency
> Hardness level:3H
> Easy to handle
> Drying time is very fast.
> No degradation
> Eco product
> Safety to all people
AppearanceBuff blue-green
Fluid typeWater based fluid (not DG)
Main componentTiO2
Dry temperatureAt room temperature
Dry out timeOver 3 hours (At 20degC)
Application methodSpray gun and roller, brush
Spread quantities17 - 40 g / 1 sq. m
Appearance of dry outTransparent
Usage locationThis product has high photocatalysis effect Therefore you need to apply Basecoat S before applying MV-11. Otherwise the surface will be damaged by high decomposition power.
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