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MD Coat has a wide antibacterial spectrum and exhibits effective anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-algal properties (over 2000 types). There are 80 genera and 60 fungi in the living space, and 120 genera and 120 species of fungi in the building, all of which are effective.

Although fungicides seem to be highly toxic, F-1 can be used in a variety of places because of their unprecedented inhibitory effect and low-toxicity, non-spill coating film. F-1 has also long lasting effect against mold and bacteria.

Character Can be used in a dark place and a high humidity place.
 Have a wide antibacterial spectrum.
 Effective target of microorganisms
> Fungus: Over 1000 kind of fungus
> Bacteria: Over 700 bacterial strain
> Yeast and Ray fungus : Over 50 kind of fungus
 Low toxicity and high safety.
Fluid typeWater based
Main componentacrylate resin with specialty anti-fungus agent
Dry temperatureAt room temperature
Dry out timeOver 24 hours (Atmosphere 20degC)
Application methodSpray gun and roller, brush
Spread quantities15 - 35 g / 1 sq m
Appearance of dry outWhite
Correspondence bacteria strainFungus:1032, Bacteria 717, Algae 234, Fermentum 15,
Actinomycete 39
Total fungus: 2037
Test method:MIL-STD(MIL)compliance, Method 810D 508.3
Usage test fungus:71, see Front cover and Figure 1
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