MC-10 is an antibacterial liquid that combines several metal antibacterial agents and titanium oxide. This liquid is concentrated type.

Character> 10 times concentrated fluid
> Wide antibacterial spectrum
> Drying times is fast (mixed alcohol)
> Available several location.
> Safety to people
AppearanceClear blue
Fluid typeWater based fluid (not DG)
Main componentTiO2 and antimicrobial
Dry temperatureAt normal temperature
Dry out timeOver 24 hours (Atmosphere 20degC)
Dilute method
Application methodSpray gun
Spread quantities10 - 15 g / 1 sq m
Appearance of dry outTransparent
Appearance of dry outTransparent
Point of useTextile (doctor's smock, mask, clothes, blanket)
Dilution ratioDilute ratio: 1: 9 , e.g. MC-10 1L : Dilute fluid 9L
Dilute fluid pattern1. High drying time type
1-1. MC-10 1L: Ethanol 9L
1-2. MC-10 1L: Surgical spirit 9L
1-3. MC-10 1L: Ethanol 7L: Pure water:2L
2. Water based type (non DG)
2-1. MC-10 1L: Pure water:9L
2-2. MC-10 1L: Pure water:7L: Ethanol 2L
Bottle label
Bottle type