M-TV2 (Photocatalyst)

M-TV2 is able to use for each textiles. It impregnate diluted about 20 – 40 times M-TV2 with textiles.
Then this textiles is drying and curing. It can make easy photocatalyst coating for textiles. Using photocatalyst is covered with SiO2. It excellents at general smelll substance adsorption capability.

Character>High hydrophilic property
>High transparency coated film
>Make a 3 hardness film
>Water based fluid
>Dry out times is fast
>Used several inorganic material surface
>Environment-conscious product
AppearanceBinder 406: Corn yellow
MZ-V5: White
Penetrating agent: Mild corn yellow
Fluid typeWater based fluid (cation)
Main componentTitanium dioxide/ silica
Mixed Amount of active ingredient0.5 - 2wt%
Dilution method40 - 60 times
Processing methodDipping, Padding
DehydrationDrawing rate 80-120 degC
drying method100-120 degC
drying time5-15min
Appearance of dry outWhite - transparency
Application> Clothes (Shirt, Baby items, Pants, hat, etc)
> Fabric items (curtain, seat cover, sheet, interior items, etc.)
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