M-TV2 (Photocatalyst)

Product detail web site is from here (https://mclean.marusyosangyo.com/photocatalyst/)

-TV2 can make easy photocatalyst coating for textiles. M-TV2 is a photocatalyst sol that has a high performance of deodorant and antibacterial effect. You can use M-TV2 under the final processing of manufacturer.

Character>High hydrophilic property
>High transparency coated film
>Hardness level:3H(JIS standard)
>Water based fluid
>Dry out times is fast
>Available for several inorganic material surface
>Environment-conscious product
AppearanceBinder 406: Corn yellow
MZ-V5: White
Penetrating agent: Mild light yellow
Fluid typeWater based fluid (cation)
Main componentTitanium dioxide/ silica
Mixed Amount of active ingredient7wt%
Dilution method40 - 60 times (ion exchange water)
Processing methodDipping, Padding
DehydrationDrawing rate 80-120 %
drying method100-120 degC
drying time5-15min
Appearance of dry outWhite - transparency
Application> Clothes (Shirt, Baby items, Pants, hat, etc)
> Fabric items (curtain, seat cover, sheet, interior items, etc.)
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