M-8G (Photocatalyst)

M-8G is water -based photocatalyst and this is suitable for glass and other transparent surfaces. M-8G is made from ultrafine particles and high dispersion photocatalyst.

Character>High hydrophilicity
>High transparency coated film
>Hardness level:3H(JIS standard)
>Water based fluid
>Dry out is very fast
>Used several inorganic material surface
AppearanceBuff white-yellow
Fluid typeWater based (Not DG)
Main componentTiO2 and SiO2
Dry temperatureAt normal temperature
Dry out timeOver 3 hours
Application methodSpray gun and roller, brush
Spread quantities17 - 20 g / 1 sq m (baseline: 60m2/1liter)
Appearance of dry outTransparent
Test condition
Bottle label
Bottle type
  1. Hydrophilic property condition
Left: Non treat , Right: M-8G coated surface

2. Application