A chlorine-based deodorant characterized by generating less odor than sodium hypochlorite.

By the oxidizing power of chlorine, it can deodorize various odors and prevent the growth of various bacteria, and is also effective in controlling putrefaction odor.

Spraying the diluent into the room with a humidifier has a deodorizing effect for the entire room.

Character> Strong oxidative decomposition power
> Effective for general life smell and removal of airborne bacteria.
> Can be processed into a simple spray type
> No bleaching effect like sodium hypochlorite.
AppearanceCorn color
Product typeFluid (Non DG)
Drying methodNatural dry
How to useNormal use: Undiluted solution ~ 2 times dilution with water and spraying by hand spray
Use with humidifier: After diluting 10 times with water, put in humidifier and spray
Appearance after dryTransparency
Use place / facility> The whole room
> Clothing
> Bedding / furniture
> Garbage can
> Hospital and Nursing home
> Inside the car
> Inside the air conditioner
> In shoes
Precautions for use> If you apply a lot of spray, the liquid may drip, so remove excess liquid with a towel or the like.
Bottle label-
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