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MD coat F-3 is permeation type of anti-mold coating fluid. It can be used for several absorbent materials (e.g. concrete wall, bricks, wood and clothes materials). Once you apply F-3, it will make a film after drying and change the surface to water-shedding condition.

Character> Water-repellent property
> Can be used in a dark place and a high humidity place.
> Have a wide antibacterial spectrum.
> Effective target of microorganisms
> Fungus: Over 1000 kind of fungus
> Bacteria: Over 700 bacterial strain
> Yeast and Ray fungus : Over 50 kind of fungus
> Low toxicity and high safety.
Fluid typeWater based
Main componentsilicone resin with specialty anti-fungus agent
Dry temperatureAt room temperature
Dry out timeOver 24 hours (Atmosphere 20degC)
Application methodSpray gun and roller, brush
Spread quantities15 - 35 g / 1 sq m
Appearance of dry outWhite
Correspondence bacteria strainFungus:1032, Bacteria 717, Algae 234, Fermentum 15, Actinomycete 39
Total fungus: 2037
Test method: MIL-STD (MIL) compliance, Method 810D 508.3
Usage test fungus:71, see Front cover and Figure 1
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