M-1S (Photocatalyst)

M-1S is used for clothes materials. It impregnate diluted M-1S with clothes.
Then this clothes is drying and cureing. It can make easy photocatalyst coating for clothes. Using TiO2 is covered with apatite. It excellents at adsorption capability.

Character> Elimination for gas of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde
> Easy use by spray
> Water based fluid
AppearancePale yellow
Fluid typeWater based
Main componentAldehyde depleting agent
Dry temperatureAt normal temperature
Dry out timeOver 24 hours (Atmosphere 20degC)
Application methodSpray gun
Spread quantities15 - 25 g / 1 sq m
Appearance of dry outTransparency
Antibacterial effect> Room wall, ceiling
> Inside article of furniture and bedframe
> commodity produced for wall paper, furniture and room interior of each products.
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